November 14, 2012

Sometimes gratitude sneaks up on me. I busy about with the daily details, stressing as I am prone to do, and rushed as is my norm. And then a reminder comes, breaking me out of the mental rut. Barraging me with the truest of realities, and with the loveliest of beauties. Tonight, a true friend reached out to me. She gave the most valuable gift of her time, and she imparted to me grew wisdom–wisdom gleaned from many decades of serving the highest King. She spoke of righteousness as a deceptively simple reality we often fail to aspire to, due to a lack of understanding. But what if all righteousness consists of in a daily life is simply that of “living right,” as she mused. What if we are truly living great, eternal lives when we simply take each mundane step and do the best we can with the smallest of moments? Now that is something I can strive for.
That is the kind of right living that my coworker demonstrated for me when she worked long into the evening to make one batch after another of homemade clay so that her students could enjoy a hands-on demonstration of their animal unit. This was no small task: I laughed when I worked on the blue batch, telling her it was like making nshima in Zambia: the kind of home task that is an entire body workout with the effort of rapidly whisking the wooden spoon through an unwieldy pot of thick, messy goo. I was a bit worried about this blue batch for a bit, actually, with the way the lumps were threatening to interfere with fine malleability for little hands. But the lumps subsided, and the clay turned out fine enough. Today when I visited her classroom, the kids eagerly showed off their masterpieces-in-the-making: a finely finned shark family, a striped-and-spotted snake, a pink-trimmed peacock. Clay masterpieces. May the Master’s hands do their work.


One Response to “clay”

  1. Lugar and Company said

    Anna, what a wonderful reminder about the need to be still, appreciate what we have and I so loved hearing about the blue fish family! I’m sure that they students were thrilled!

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