story time

December 20, 2012

Today a bit of someone else’s writing. In this case, those someones are some of the 2nd grader’s contributions to a book of short stories. It’s rather amusing, to say the least, to receive a book of stories in which one is the main character. So today, as I sort through my last year and half of life possessions here, readying for the next venture, I enjoy snippets of stories. A few excerpts:
“One day I went to the jungle to get a book. I saw a magic book. I read the book. Then I saw that outside I took my notebook outside and drew. Then I saw Clifford. I said hello Clifford. I said to Miss J your books are magical.” -Nizam
“Hi my name is Spiderman. I am helping people and killing bad guys. Now one person called me. He said, ‘Come the ghost is killing me please come I need help now! I need to go and help that person . . .One people called me. It was Miss J. Miss J was the library teacher. All day I am going to the library. It was fun. Now I came big and I came a spiderman. Miss J is the best teacher I need to go to Miss J’s house by by the End.” -Homan
“Once upon a time there lived a beautiful librarian. Her name is Miss J. She sings a beautiful songs for us. The queen and king are very nice to us. They love to sing a lot. On the first time it was the snowing time. The queen and king are sleeping in the room. I love her. Then at morning the queen was happy. She is the best librarian . . .” -Yasamin
“Once upon a time lived 5 sisters named Miss J and Miss F and Mrs. H and Mrs. E and Mrs M. Mrs. H said to the fairy to come and play with Miss J. The fairy said to play with her? I never mind, said the fairy. Mrs. M heard the mean fairy’s voice. Mrs. M said to Miss F. Miss F. said to Miss W to say to the mean fairy to play with Miss J. Mrs. H said to Miss W please say to the fairy to say please play with Miss J. Mrs. E said to Miss F to packrat Miss J’s room. When Miss J went to her room she was surprised. The End.” -Nargis
“Once upon a time lived two girls named Morsal and Ava. They loved to read. One day they were going to the library. In the library there was Miss J. Miss J said ‘Let me show you something.’ She took us to a very big book. Then Ava fell in the story. Then Miss J said , ‘Let’s help Ava!’ ‘Ok,” I said. Miss J and I jumped in the story. Then we found Ava in the three little pigs story. The fox was chasing Ava. then when the fox saw Miss J the fox ran away. Then we got out of the story and lived happily every after. The End.” -Morsal

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