December 23, 2012

I spent a morning with children with smiles so beautiful they broke my heart. I learned how shrapnel injury scars are treated and propped little feet on my knee as we swiped cloth along the marks to get the tender skin readjusted to contact. I’ve been wanting to visit this organization for some time now, knowing it would be meaningful. And my mind is now swimming with questions of how to help this process. The children I was with today were all injured in the suicide bombing last year: one I remember pretty well, in fact, thanks to the loss of the father of one family in our community in the same attack. The girls here now have returned from treatment in the U.S, thanks to the way Solace pairs families willing to host with children in need of medical care. So very much need. So much for a heart to handle . . .

One Response to “scars”

  1. […] the ins and outs of family life. Is sweeping cobwebs in a family home less significant work than sweeping scar tissue on a bomb-ravaged child? When the work is done in love, I suspect the answer is no. It may take some self-talk, for sure, […]

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