baby equals Christmas

December 25, 2012

As we readied for brunch this morning, I mentioned to Christine that I needed to take a photo of the day. More precisely, though, it would be a photo of the moment, as I’m feeling the need to document each phase of my first Kabul Christmas. In so many ways, it has been the most normal Christmas imaginable. And in so many other ways, it has not. Normal: stressing over getting all my Christmas gifts wrapped and cards written. Normal: jumping from one festive meal to another. Normal: being with little ones.
Not normal: trying on body armor as I bragged about being one of the first to have my head measured for a perfect fit. Not normal: being surrounded by plenty of families, but far away from any member of my own. Not normal: being one of a select few actually celebrating the holiday in this country.
So this morning, after commenting on the need for a photo, Christine responded that she needed to put the finishing touches on the table settings so it would be ready. I told her there was no need. Holding the baby in my arms at the time, I told her that nothing else was needed for the photo because “baby equals Christmas.” I said it as a joke but realized immediately that it was, of course, the truest truth imaginable. So I snapped a photo as the baby loudly expressed her displeasure at being unable to grab hold of my camera as I did so. And I called it my Christmas morning moment :-)

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