spiderman at the convent

February 16, 2013

That’s what I get, I guess . . . you get what you pray for? On the drive up, we prayed for the trip. I asked that God would make it what He wanted it to be, what with my mindset not feeling particularly centered. I felt more inclined towards packing preparations and future worries than towards what I wanted to be: intentionally focused on Lenten reflection. This prayer was almost a challenge, as well, considering the brevity of this one-night retreat. How, God, am I going to get to any reasonably reflective state of mind in just a few hours time? So yes, do with it what You will . . .
What He wills has not been what I expected. It is indeed a peaceful space. And we have a “room with a view,” as we joked, settling in.
“To our room with a view, go me and you . . . How do you do?” I spouted as we walked up with our bags. Before dinner we went for a hike around the property. The temperature had dropped significantly since we left, so I pulled out my hat as B bemoaned the fact that she had forgotten hers. Instead she wrapped her scarf around her head. “Does it look like a turban? she asked me.
“Um, kind of . . . well no, not really.”
By the time we had finished the loop, we had warmed up significantly. “Was that really 45 minutes?” we wondered, referring to what we had been told when we checked it. Closer to 20 minutes, actually, even at our decidedly ambling pace . With time to spare before dinner, we figured we should follow the sign leading to the convent. We noticed the way the circular window imitated the moon, in front of a dusky sky, then walked in to discover we had arrived in the middle of afternoon prayer.
“Lord, we beseech thee, hear our prayer.”
We spoke the prayers, and we sang the canticles.
Then, cheeks flushed with the winter air, we power-walked back to the dining hall. “Are you sure it’s that early?” B asked after wondering about the time.
“Yes,” I assured her. “It’s been the eternal afternoon.”
Shortly thereafter, we laughed with our dining companions over one lady’s struggle to make it though a weekend spent here of vegan cuisine and no caffeine. She said she had tried to escape for pizza and beer, but that her roommate had not allowed it.
We here this weekend are under no such restrictions. Turns out the quilting convention was a bit confused about our menu, however: they thought we were having two soups for dinner. But no, it was actually seafood chowder with butternut squash salad [not soup]. Plus pie. And coffee :-)
Later, I intended to read one of the books in our bedroom library, but was distracted by the quilting commotion. Simply could not resist admiring the projects underway, some intended to land at a homeless shelter. And how could I not laugh, once more, at the sight of a spiderman pillowcase?
Yes, what You will . . .

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