little things

February 25, 2013

The little things that made the big thing [my first full day in the classroom] a little bit more manageable . . .
• A fresh pineapple: brought to me last night by my neighbor as a “thinking about you” gift. With the firework madness that the Lantern festival brought, she wanted to make sure that I was handling it alright. Incidentally, it did not occur to me till after I had arrived that it was tremendously ironic to be making my home in a firework-obsessed culture, considering the origin of the booms in my last home . . .
• A pot of vaseline: left in my staffroom mailbox by a coworker who had heard me bemoaning the discovery that my go-to dry skin staple is not to be found in stores here.
• A hot water bottle: also left in my mailbox today, by another coworker with whom I’d had a dinner conversation about our shared love of hot water bottles, considered odd by most around us.
• Two carefully wrapped wildflower bouquets: presented to me after recess by shyly-smiling youngsters in my class.
Trusting that tomorrow will bring similar graces. Lord knows that without them I’d be utterly overwhelmed!

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