alpha beta

March 3, 2013

Today I bought a beta fish.
After church one of my fluent coworkers had planned to accompany me to the mobile office so I could figure out one of the features of my phone plan. Once that was done, we decided to continue on to the wet market to buy some groceries. As appetizing as it looked, we passed on the very large and rather hairy cow’s tail. But when I saw the stand of goldfish baggies, I stopped. Seeing as how I had promised my students that I would consider the idea of a class pet, I couldn’t help but be tempted at the idea of surprising them tomorrow morning with a fish. So I started looking at the goldfish, and then noticed that there were betas as well [which definitely trumped the goldfish in my book, thanks to childhood beta sagas]. B said I should name him “Alpha.” I agreed to the name. Then she noticed the baby turtles and decided to buy one of those while we were there. I told her she should name him “Icthus”: the turtle who wished he were a fish. She agreed ☺
On our way back, while maneuvering through the traffic jam caused by a car that had insisted to drive along a road intended for vendors, pedestrians, and bikers, I wondered what Alpha’s perspective was, dangling from the handle of my bike. And I hoped he had been fed relatively recently, since I will not be taking him out the baggie until I can safely deposit him into his classroom fishbowl tomorrow morning. Then it occurred to me that this must mean I am settled now, committed to a pet ☺

One Response to “alpha beta”

  1. Lugar and Company said

    Hi Anna, love the Beta color and the name! What a pun it brings on! I can so relate to a new move that if I acquired some very green plants and a cat, I considered the new place “home.” You sound like you are doing well! Happy for you!

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