leap frog

March 22, 2013

afghan visit and field day 006

In case you ever wondered, I can vouch for the fact that a relay involving wheelbarrow races, leapfrog, and 2-person jump rope works great for 4th graders. It does not work so well for kindergarteners. I picked up on the difficulty of it quickly enough to make a fast change to the program, but not before a hysterical show of little bitty arms and legs rather un-gracefully making their way across a lawn in fits and starts of halting motion.
Today was field day. The morning was a usual one for my class, including a Middle Ages test in Social Studies and word problems in Math [which I am learning is a tricky lesson for second-language learners]. But as soon as lunchtime hit, we began a flurry of activities for kindergarten through 5th graders.
The week leading up to it had involved some preparation, mainly surrounding the creation of a banner for each class. We had actually ended up feuding with the fifth grade, needing a bit of grownup-lectures from both of us classroom teachers, after they began to tease each other about the level of teacher-involvement in the banner painting for each group. But the day itself ended up passing with relatively little argumentativeness, and I do think a good time was had by all.
I was, by the end of it, utterly [once more] a cooked goose. Though in this particular case, the “cooked” part is more literal than before; for this time I was in full, high altitude sun, demonstrating races, for an entire afternoon. But weariness notwithstanding, I really cannot complain: how can I argue with an excuse to play leapfrog all afternoon? ☺

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