about that show

March 30, 2013

A few snippets from that Spring Musical I mentioned in the last post. Here, the bouquets I was helping make before I headed for my dressing-room post.
The visual aid for the audience. About the closest I got to watching the show was an intermission peek in once the audience had for the most part exited. Well, towards the end of the matinee [I was backstage for 2 shows today], I also ended up running around a bit with phone calls to a doctor-father. One of the nuns got a gash on her hand while on stage. As we butterfly-bandaged her up, she apologized profusely to others for “ruining the scene” with the accident!
What performers look like when they’re biding time in between scenes.
Several scenes later. Still the preferred activity.

One Response to “about that show”

  1. Lugar and Company said

    Hi Anna and what a touch with the florals! How refreshing and colorful! I wish I could have heard the musical, sounds lovely!

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