endurance training

June 11, 2013


Is it possible to be bored with adventure? I don’t know. But I do know that my so-called adventurous life has become a bit humdrum to me. Well, maybe that’s not exactly the way it is: it’s still exciting enough . . . it’s just that excitement isn’t so important to me. There is another experience that has gained importance. The challenge of family relationships is a bigger deal these days. And it is a harder deal as well. I keep seeking out tests of endurance, in a sense. It is almost like an athletic training: trying to see how much I can handle in the way of child care and day-in-day-out relating to those close to me. And in the same way that one goes about training for a marathon, pushing to the limit one day and then going back for more the next, I keep going back for more.
As I said goodbye to my cousin today, heading to the airport for the next stop in my round-the-country family tour, we planned for the next time I would be there. I had the brilliant idea of offering to her a break the next time I came through. As I explained it, I was just getting to the point of understanding with her kids, starting to enjoy the way I was getting to know their quirks and getting to a level of family-comfort with them. So it would be a privilege to get to have some intensive hands-on time with them now . . . it just made sense. I know, it sounds crazy, to speak of my brilliant idea when it comes to uber-high-maintenance little ones: it probably sounds more sarcastic when said out loud. But I meant it. And I mean it. For whatever reason, work life has begun to feel too easy for me. I’m sure that I will wish I had eaten my words before speaking them soon enough, but there you have it—that’s the way I’m feeling now, so that’s what’s being spoken ☺
*Thanks to AME for the photo.

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