just a light bulb

June 21, 2013


“I have to go to W-mart . . . again!,” I bemoaned, as H and I practiced our Zumba routines this afternoon. “I’m having a light bulb saga.” Wait a sec, I thought. That sounds familiar. A light bulb saga . . .
I had one the last time I was in the U.S. as well. And that time also the simple light bulb held more significance than it should have to me, due to the relationships surrounding it. This time the light bulb signifies a friendship, and a birth. B is about to give birth to her second child. Her first did not survive, due to a genetic disorder that took him from them only one day into his life. B and her husband planned ahead for the day they would have with their son, and then they commemorated both his life and his death, nearly simultaneously. Now they are preparing for the birth of a healthy daughter.
This light bulb belongs at the outside entrance to their home. It is not a crucial issue but, if I could have helped by providing the necessary errand-running to fix it, I would have loved to. So I tried.
Three different stores. Three different light bulbs. No luck. I’m afraid it’s a wiring issue, which goes far beyond my helpful abilities . . .
But on a happier household note, the nursery looks amazing. I was able to help out a bit with the butterfly-painting, and I especially enjoyed capturing the work as the two of them worked together on the project. The mother/father set of hands was a lovely one, I thought.
*The strangest thing happened the next day, as I said goodbye to B and walked out the door. She switched the light bulb, for no particular reason, and the light came on, though it had refused to work earlier . . . as she said, this gave the saga a rather redemptive twist :-)


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