about a dot

August 20, 2013

In my art classes this week [“Didn’t you mean to say ‘library,'” you ask? No, I mean art. “But I thought you were the librarian.” Yes, I am. “Oh, so you have switched jobs?” No, not exactly . . . just honing my juggling skills these days ;-)]
Anyhow, as I was saying . . . No, never mind what I was saying. Instead, I’d like to point out that the funny thing about it is that the roles of art teacher and librarian can coincide rather perfectly. Especially when cool things like International Dot Day are happening in the world. I learned about this event last year, and was able to submit a project with my library classes there in Afgh@nistan. This year is a bit more rushed in the preparation time for it, but I came up with an idea that will work, I think. Each student creates his/her own dot. The dots of each student then combine to create a class dot. And, eventually, once all classes are finished, I will find some way to hang them all together and make a school-wide dot. Well, we’ll see how it goes . . . if nothing else, it makes for a happily consuming project for us all :-)


One Response to “about a dot”

  1. Monica Clark Petersen said

    Love connecting the dots! Hope you are well, what a wonderful log of your journey.

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