being home

June 23, 2017

Don’t be fooled. This may look like a rather dull, and definitely uninteresting photo. But it is one that inspired me to grab Peter’s arm, as he attempted to drive 3 somewhat high maintenance “back-seat drivers” home on a drizzly June evening, requesting a sudden stop for a photo op. I had just learned, from PaCharley, that we were passing the patch of road where he had first spied my grandmother. She was walking from the office building where she worked to the pharmacy across the way. He, from the other side of the road, caught a glimpse of the beauty and, reserved and proper though he was, could not refrain from requesting the scoop on Beatrice from his buddy as they worked. But I told this story once before, years ago; I will refrain from launching into the tale once again. Have no fear, dear reader: if you so desire, you may read the story as I originally wrote it (if you choose to sample my unpolished, flowery, young writer wares), by going to this “story of a gentleman and a lady” link from my blog archives. One more note about this evening, however, before I leave you: tonight the story came with a bit more intensity than it originally bore. That time I was young and starry-eyed about the future of adventure and travel I envisioned ahead of me. This time I am not-so-young and decidedly un-starry-eyed. These days I am inclined to fret and flit about, anxious about to-do lists and logistics. But these days I am also blessed with the grounding presence of consistency in my immediate “family,” if not my immediate surroundings—yet. And as the two of us work towards a future of a bit more predictability and stability, in so much as it can depend upon us (can life ever promise such?), I cannot help but be struck by the profound blessing of a couple of nonagenarians who, when we have the privilege of being with them in this land of abundance, take every opportunity offered to remind us that we have a remarkable heritage . . . that we are rich in kin . . . that here, where they are, we are home.
*Here is another photo from our recent family gatherings: a bit telltale, so far as our quirkiness goes. But I suppose any family can say as much, can it not?

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