August 23, 2018

It was with a twinge of guilt that I realized today that the happiest moments of my work life, over the past few weeks, have been, in a sense, stolen moments. Rather than the times spent in the classroom or dealing with library logistics, the moments I have anticipated have been those of little productivity. I have been carting the daily compost from lunchtime leftovers over to the garden, dumping out used coffee grounds and, while there, collecting any vegetables that need harvesting. I have taken to inviting various elementary classes over with me when I do, as they are often on recess when I head over. I ask if they know we have a school garden. Now most do, but when I began posing the question, many had no idea why we had been setting up bins by the trash cans at lunch, instructing them to separate their waste. So I’ve been taking these kids over with me, explaining that their extra food has been feeding the baby plants so that now we have new vegetables to begin the cycle all over again. No, this is not my actual job . . . but I have somehow not felt too terribly guilty about spending to time to do it. It is a well worthwhile “wasting” of time, I cannot help but believe . . .

*Disclaimer: my husband did the hard work of planning and growing this garden. I benefit from the fruits of his labour ;-)