April 13, 2020


“Shelter-in-place. For a long, long time…”
“Emergency alert-Warning! Take shelter-NOW!”
So it was that, in the middle of the night, Peter and I hunkered down on our kitchen floor (the closest thing our small home offered to an “inside” room).
It was terrifying. And today I find my body still tended from the fear of the pending tornado. I feared for our home, and for our animals. I feared for the homestead that we have poured ourselves into for the past few years, and that now, more than ever, we find to be our lifeline.
Today we are grateful for our safety, and for that of our families. And we grieve for the loss upon loss that so many around us are suffering.
Lord, how long?…Have mercy on us, your weary children … Come quickly to our rescue. I want to trust. I want to wait patiently. “Lord, help my unbelief…”
But for now, in this moment, I will pick a rose from our yard and we will take comfort together in this gift of a home.

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