the new normal?

October 17, 2020

  • This is what I look like these days. All day. Every day. And what do I feel like? I feel like a mole for one. When I step out of the clinic in the evenings I squint up at the sky and wonder, “What is that round bright thing in the sky?” And what am I doing for all these hours of each day? Lots of urine in my world (testing for pregnancies and glucose and protein levels and the like). Lots of vitals (taking blood pressures and weight and pulse and asking “How are you feeling today?”). A bit of more enjoyable activities like strapping bulging bellies into cushioned chairs and attaching probes to said bellies till echoing little heartbeats (yes, that was plural-twins) fill the room with echoes. And a bit more bittersweet activities … pleased with my ability to give an injection that make the injectee ask, after warning me she’d probably “freak out” from the pain, ‘have you done it yet? Oh! I didn’t feel anything!’ Sweet in that I did not hurt that delicate adolescent arm. Bitter in the knowledge of what sort of injection her mother was signing off on her receiving…
  • Life is full these days. Life is wild. But thanks be to God for the gift of a home and a husband to come home-happily-to!

it is good

October 12, 2020

What caught my eye this rainy afternoon, while walking in the rain and trying to simultaneous breath from my two-day scare and attempt to prepare for a week of work. Funny how beauty catches one off guard no matter how overwhelmed/anxious/scared one may happen to be in the moment. In that same moment the Creator of all creation is present. And GOOD. “…it was good.”