November 27, 2020

So far as Thanksgivings go, I suppose it’s been an odd one. Yeah, yeah, I know-everyone feels that way this year. But just because something is commonplace, doesn’t make it any less true. And the truth is that the world is tired this year. We are mutually weary and weighed down by the reality of life in quarantine. So yes, in my family as in most, this day of festivities looked different than that of years past. Last year we traveled across the country, gathered with a large crowd of relatives, explored new sights, ran with a crowd of other Turkey Trot participants, and thought that it was just another holiday that would happen again next year. Then “next year” arrived …

This year we went to a church service in which a building that used to hold hundreds of people held a virtual handful of masked and solemn participants.

This year we walked down neighborhoods that felt eerily silent, every once in a while passing a house that appeared to have more cars parked outside than was probably permissible considering the size of the house. We held hands and ate a packed lunch in relative silence.

I had a thought that led to a phone call that led to a road trip. We waved and blew kisses and hugged-from afar-the grandmother I’ve been unable to touch for almost 9 months now. The effort of a brief greeting made her eager for her afternoon nap so she abruptly waved her goodbye and retreated back to the four walls that have safely – safely? – contained her for said 9 months.

Back at home we busied about with the usual household tasks. Peter walked the goats, then milked our miracle doe (who is well past when she should have dried up but is still supplying our daily milk). I took comfort, after a frazzling week of dealing with patients in the crazy world that healthcare is these days, in vacuuming our carpet and mopping our floors.

But I also succumbed to weariness in the midst of it. Today the sun was shining brightly. Yesterday the rain was cold, and relentless-making my outdoor post at work miserable, to say the least. I had channeled my inner PaCharley, looking for ways to brighten my own spirits by surprising others (insisting on ushering people to the cars with an umbrella, for instance). But my body was chilled to the bone.

So the stark contrast of today shocked my system in such a way that, come afternoon, I hit a lull in which all I wanted was to lie in the sun. And that, my friends, is precisely what I did. I found a patch of sunshine, laid down on my yoga mat, and dozed. Peter and I both did, in fact.It was the most productive unproductive thing I think I’ve done in quite some time. [Peter would like to chime in here, adding that it might be the only time I have successfully accomplished his favorite yoga pose-Shavasana] The Vitamin D warmed my body, soul, and heart. The rest prepared us to spend the evening laughing and feasting with mom and Lou. Yes, it was just the 4 of us this year. But it was good. It is good.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

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