October 21, 2021

It was a rough work day. I am growing weary of the impact today’s world is having on so many healthcare settings. Stress levels are through the roof. Tempers are short. More often than not, people seem to step on their own, unwittingly letting out frustration on those who are on the same team as they are-or who should be at least. Am I naive to wonder why people can’t just be kinder to one another? Perhaps…

But I could not help but feel that the world made a bit more sense to me when I made it home tonight. Our homestead is a somber one right now, as Re declines visibly, by the hour. Earlier today she eagerly licked at the salt block Peter held to her mouth; but tonight, she could no longer lift her head to try. We doubt she will last the night.

Before I went in the house tonight, I sat beside her in the shed, crouching in my scrubs  by her side. I rested my hand on her head and began to sing. 

All creatures of our god and king,

Lift up your voice and let us sing.

Hallelujah, hallelujah

I don’t know why I sang that song to her. I don’t know why it helps to lift my voice and sing. But that is what I did. And that’s what helped to soothe the hurt. And it is good to be in this home now with my Farmer Pete, feeling each other’s sadness and sitting in it together.

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