advent of joy

December 12, 2022

You came to me in my dream last night. You gripped my hands, and you smiled that smile, and you said my name. “Anna. I knew you would make it.” I had made it. You were there. Pa Charley walked up behind you. Beaming. “I’m SO glad to see you!” I gazed, open-mouthed, at the two of them. Tears springing to my eyes. JOY filling my heart. I’m that moment the dream melted away. I had not arrived at the place to which I thought I was journeying. But a far better destination had been found. On this 3rd Sunday of advent I awoke to the reality of JOY. Happy 95th GramBea. Thank you for the best birthday party ever.


2 Responses to “advent of joy”

  1. Bethyl Shepperson said

    Anna, What joy! Thank you for sharing your dream. I’m so thankful God wrapped you in joy! Bethyl Joy


  2. said

    What a precious gift this dream was for you, Anna! A real blessing!

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