fist bump

January 19, 2023

Today I got a fist bump. It wasn’t a great work day. Truthfully, I spent the majority of the day staring at my computer screen and frantically typing, trying to keep up with the flurry of concerns, troubles, problems coming out of the mouths of furrowed-browed parents. I wished I could do more than type their words. I ached to speak out loud, to use my hands. But that was not my role today. Today I was scribing, on a day in which the schedule did not even allow a moment for me to switch to a nursing role. But for a moment, a brief moment, there was brightness. We had gone into a visit with a child who, the last time he had an appointment, had been combative, violent against attempts at any physical contact. When we walked in, I rolled my stool next to him in the room and began to type, continuing my habit of the day, focused on the screen. But then, as I typed, I saw him gazing at me. I looked up. He looked into my eyes, lifted his arm, and held up his fist. Copying his motions, I did the same, holding my own fist a few inches away from his. He grinned, then gently bumped my fist. I smiled behind my mask, heart lifted out of the day’s stress. About to go back to my typing, I realized he was still staring at  me. I looked back to see his palm opening. I copied his actions and then he gave me a gentle “high 5.” One more fist bump completed his routine. The doctor moved to his physical exam. I resumed my typing. But a part of me stayed suspended in that moment, inwardly beaming, à la “Princess Bride” …”She kissed me” 😉


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