under African skies

August 30, 2010

I have gotten off to some sort of start so far in this Zambian venture: “some sort” being the operative phrase, since I’m not quite sure what to read into my landing . . .
As I stepped off the airplane, almost all the way through with the journey [one final leg to come to arrive at the boarding school itself], I started to walk along to jetway from the plane to the airport, gearing up for the adventure of customs. Knowing that it generally works best to follow the crowd in this sort of setting, I dutifully walked in step with the travelers I saw ahead of me. But as I entered the covered walkway, a guard called out, ”Excuse me, Madam . . .” For whatever reason, I assumed him to be calling to me, so turned towards him. “Are you a VIP?” he continued. “ Um, no,” I gulped. He then gestured to the other walkway and I quickly stammered, “Oh–normal people go that way?” as I hastily made my way to the proper walkway. And then I realized what I had said and had to [quietly] laugh at myself for my choice of words. Yes, here I am, ready for this adventure, trying very hard to be as “normal” as possible . . . and apparently I have no aura that will cause me to be mistaken for a VIP ☺
This photo is a shot from the air, as we circled around before the final landing. I was struck by the nature of the light and the clouds. And though I’m not sure if African Skies are really any different from any other, I for one am kind of fond of them.

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