a cycle

June 7, 2013

Note to self: never underestimate the power of a child. Especially a toddler. Especially 2 toddlers, rather . . . uber-active boys, no less. After a melt-down this evening from one of the 2 in my care, I realized I was spent. Done. And that’s the way it is with little ones. It’s a cycle of joys and, well, “done”s. There are melt-downs and there are moments of exhilaration. We had a fit tonight, due to the fact that he had flooded the bathroom and, in the process, gotten his blankie wet. This equated to a true crisis in his young world. But we also had a moment of jumping on the trampoline in the heat of the day, making “rain” with a hose. As I listened to peals of laughter at my rain song, I smiled to myself at my own joy: seeing the small rainbow created by the arc of the hose water as it sprayed over the two of us. Nothing so glorious as a real live rainbow, but symbolic to me of the small victories that come in a day in the life of a family.

One Response to “a cycle”

  1. Lugar and Company said

    Yes, love your cycle summary as that it what it is, isn’t it? Most days have some good, bad and maybe a touch of ugly all rolled into one. I know the kids are loving time with you! Will you be coming in soon? I hope so!

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