so i used to be left-handed…

June 4, 2015

So this will be a short post. I am just beginning the process of figuring out what I can do one-handed (and wrong-handed). Here in the middle of my biggest book project in my career as a librarian, with combined inventory of 11,000 plus cataloging of 600 titles, I am suddenly one (and wrong) armed.
My morning commute into work today turned into a visit to the international clinic. “As far as breaks go,” he assured me, “this is about the best kind you could have gotten.” While grateful for that fact, I’m afraid the prospect of immobility is still a looming, and daunting, one for me. But here it is, and so begins project See-What-I-Can-Manage-With-One-Arm. So far I have begun wrong-handed tooth brushing, and one-handed typing. That is not much of an accomplishment when I think ahead to all the rest of the things to be done … but off to it! :-)
This is the offending sticky-upy piece of metal:

This is my elbow’s landing skid:
And this is the result:

3 Responses to “so i used to be left-handed…”

  1. T said

    😳😩😢😩😩💐🌠🌈❤️❤️❤️U &🙏s

  2. Dan Elyea said

    So sorry, Anna. Would have been tough enough had it been your “wrong” hand/arm; insult-to-injury that it caught your main one. Maybe you can scare up some assistance for some of that library routine.


  3. Ack! Sounds horrible. Praying!

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