February 7, 2020

In the medical marathon I’m currently running, some parts are easier than others. Medical Terminology is pretty straightforward, given my linguistic background and, consequently, ability to figure out word roots, parts, and the like. Body Structure & Function pretty good too. Exam Room Technique has been more of a struggle, because my natural ways aren’t quite as structured as they need to be . . . I’ll get there!
One course is particularly play-time-ish for me, however: Communications. We get a spelling test each week (yes, I’m serious about my love for this :-) We also get a 5-minute journaling time, with a topic given each time. I’m not quite sure yet what the purpose of this one is, considering our coursework. But I have no complaints about the little burst of writing therapy in the middle of the 7-hour day! This is what came out of me today, given the topic:

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