March 27, 2020

There have been some definite perks to this beyond-unanticipated transition from classroom to online schooling. The flexibility for twice-daily goat milking sessions, for one. And the chance to cook for, and dine with, my husband on a daily basis again.
That said, the work has to be done. The usual amount of daily work, plus the added amount we currently have, in order to make up for the week of “spring break” while the online transition was being figured out on an administrative level.
So how do I keep motivated to barrel through full days in front of a computer and a stack of textbooks when some significant, and emotionally powerful, “carrots” have been stripped from the list of things that used to keep me motivated on a daily basis (read: “a place to swim”!)?
Well—find new carrots, right?
What keeps coming to mind is a train of people held close to my heart, if I cannot hold them “close” to my person these days: those who are on the font lines right now . . . the healthcare workers risking their own health, both physically and emotionally, as they war against the raging virus wreaking havoc on our entire globe. “Courage, dear heart” I know I blogged about this C.S. Lewis quote recently, but I cannot help but repeat it now, on behalf of those I love who are doing what others of us can only think of/pray for from a safe 6 feet distance away ;-) And, I cannot help but add my own self-centered prayer that maybe, just maybe (sooner than later?), I’ll get to join in on the fight.

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