2022 reading life

January 1, 2023

out of curiosity last night, after hearing various people talk about their year in books, I did a quick inventory of my reading journal. I’ve never actually tracked my reading-in part out of a knowledge that I need to be careful about adding anything that might become another goal to add to a daily checklist I invariably create for myself.

that said, I have enjoyed keeping up my journal this year and figured I might as well make a bit of a tally. So I went through the pages, first counting the books I completed. Then I circled in blue all those that stood out to be as fabulous. This came to 20 that I called my “honorable mentions.” Next I narrowed down the list, drawing gold stars over the truly standout titles. This conveniently came to a total of 10.

without further ado, here are the snapshots of the applicable pages in my journal

*the right column is where I wrote my brief reaction upon finishing the book

**titles that are crossed off are those I abandoned. If I though I might revisit it, I included the page number where I stopped. But these titles were not included in the number tally


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